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Home Automation Solutions;

            Imagine everything in your home working together in orchestration to create a more comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable home. Stays connected to and check in on your home, your new buddy, no matter where you are. With just one touch/swipe, water your garden, lock the doors, turn the lights off and more.

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Intelligent Building Management ;

         Solutions that turn buildings into living organisms. Delivers a mind and intellect to the building by assembling the latest innovations in electronics and communication engineering. Be in charge of a Networked intelligent sensitive and adaptive skyscraper. Centralized access control, Intelligent management of visitors, HVAC control & monitoring and plus more.

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Intelligent Vehicle Management;

      They say that you will know how good the driver is from what he drives. Making the car as smart as the driver with sophisticated technology is no simple task. Once a biometric device is installed, your car sees only who you are, but not what you have. Start your engine and lock your car with fingerprint, voice/face recognition, RFID wrist band,mobile phone and more.

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Intelligent Irrigation and Gardening ;

        Elegant terrain requires a unique balance of proper vegetation, landscape architecture, infrastructure and smart controllers. Steel grape is changing the way you farm. The smart irrigation system makes employing your irrigation easy and convenient while saving water and money. It automatically creates a watering schedule that lowers water sprinklers and ensures the beautiful yard you want. The Smart Unit that gives you control of your sprinklers, monitor your farm land, farm animals and more right from your smart phone.

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Access Control System;

    One of the greatest concerns of every organizations whether huge or small is that robust security design it needs. Comprehending the needs, data sensitivity, confidentiality, business environment, identifying the vulnerability are the most needed procedures for enforced and optimized security. To address the security concerns, steel grape delivers technically superior controllers,access control readers and an array of identification options copuled with software support. Swipe Cards, proximity cards and bands, bio-metric scanners, automatics doors,booms, gates and much more.

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Visitor Management;

        Cardinal feature of any facility is its effective monitoring and tracking of whoever goes inside as well as outside from inside. The technology has advanced so far that the automated visitor management system monitors the visitor traffic, safeguards the zone, restricts unauthorized entry, notifies the security personnel and more with fully computerized and robust features. The system acts as a third eye to handle all visitor contingencies .

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Home Box Office;

     A home entertainment audio-visual systems that seek to reproduce a movie theater experience and mood using robust electronics-grade video and audio equipment that is set up in a room or backyard of a private home. Home theater solutions that are cutting edge, with 4k Projection systems, Dolby surround sound, and incredible AV receivers that fit the dimensions of your room. Bring your own movie home!

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FTTX - Fiber To The X;

        Fiber to the X (FTTX) is a broadband network architecture using optical fiber to provide all or part of the local loop used for final leg of telecommunications. As fiber optic cables are able to carry much more data than copper cables, especially over long distances, copper telephone networks built in the 20th century are being replaced by fiber. FTTX is a generalization for several configurations of fibre deployment, arranged into two groups: FTTP/FTTH/FTTB (Fiber laid all the way to the premises/home/building) and FTTC/N (fiber laid to the cabinet/node). Enable high speed broad-band connectivity everywhere.

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Network Solutions;

     Networking Solutions are highly mandatory for success of any organization especially when your home or office is a multitude of connected devices, each hijacking bandwidth from your home/work network. At Steel Grape we offer reliable stability and flexibility in our networking solutions; which is coupled with delivering robust performance. We deliver simplistic yet consistent solutions that are flexible and can configured in accordance to client requirements. Steel Grape delivers single, scalable and secure IP network and which can be customized based on the changing business needs. Designing, building and commisioning of Data Centre and WiFi Hotspot Solutions are also undertaken by our engineers.

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Non-Conventional Energy Management;

       World is facing an acute energy scarcity which is hampering the industrial growth and economic progress. It has become essential to tackle the energy crisis through judicious utilization of abundant renewable energy resources, such as biomass energy, solar energy, wind energy and geothermal energy. At steel grape we endorse the "Green Energy" usage. Change the way electricity is made and used in your home/office. Be a part of the solution.

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Public Addressing System;

    A public address system (PA system) is an electronic sound amplification and distribution system with a microphone, amplifier and loudspeakers, used to allow a person to speak to a large public. Public address systems are widely important and required in all type of public meeting, gathering where mass have to be addressed. These systems includes pa systems, pa amplifier, school broadcasting systems, loudspeaker, portable pa system and so on. These Public Address Systems are widely used in offices, colleges, bars, night clubs, public houses, on-stage performances, schools and such other public addressing functions. Steel Grape is instrumental in offering high quality range of Industrial PA Systems

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Smart Fire-Safety System;

       Complete Fire and Safety Solutions that specializes in the protection of the people you care about by offering a range of smart fire protection and safety services for your home, business or even your vehicle. Protect yourself from the risk of fire through Steel Grape's solutions which consists early and reliable fire detection, clear and fast alarming and evacuation processes and intelligent extinguishing tailored to each room‘s requirements.

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Security And Surveillance;

     Experts in the art of engineering optimal security and surveillance networks. For the specific needs of our customers, Steel Grape will deliver highly advanced and complete security systems, which include Video Door Phones, Intrusion Alarm Systems, Home Automation Systems, CCTV Surveillance, Access Control Systems. Make sure that your eyes and ears reach everywhere for the protection of those you care about.

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Video Conference : Tele-Presence System;

      Any business or industry needs efficient, high speed and low cost and latest communication technology for boosted growth. Better conferencing solutions mean better business. Our Conferencing solutions give you more secure collaboration from mobile devices, desktops, or meeting rooms. Bring employees, customers, and partners together to collaborate from anywhere with highly scalable voice, video, and content sharing. A high definition[HD], glitch free tele-presence system for healthcare industries, business enterprises, education sector etc.

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