Non-Conventional Energy

Smart Energy Management Solutions

    World is facing an acute energy scarcity which is hampering the industrial growth and economic progress. It has become essential to tackle the energy crisis through judicious utilization of abundant renewable energy resources, such as biomass energy, solar energy, wind energy and geothermal energy. At steel grape we endorse the "Green Energy" usage. Change the way electricity is made and used in your home/office. Be a part of the solution.

             Steel Grape’s Smart Energy Management Solutions: Think and act beyond conventions.

  As a responsible entity; at steel grape we endorse the usage of "Green Energy". We deliver solutions that help you of the many ways you can save energy everyday and to give you some new information, ideas and motivation. Only that which is measured can be managed. We use a combination of meters and sensors to gather electric data. Our cloud based software collects and stores data. The software engine analyses the data to provide various graphs and reports on consumption patterns in almost real time. The information is pushed to users through alerts or by enabling them to login through the web or mobile devices.

Features :


  • Smart Thermostat.
  • Smart Energy Meter.
  • Smart Gas Reader.
  • Smart Home appliance monitoring System.
  • Advanced OFF-Grid, On-Grid and Hybrid Solar System.
  • Improved mono-crystalline, poly-crystalline and thin film Silicon Solar panels
  • Intelligent MPPT Controller
  • Solar/Sun Tracking System with linear actuators
  • Solar Street lamps.
  • Backup Storage Devices
  • Devices with High Efficiency
  • Devices with Improved Life time
  • Tidal Energy Solutions
  • Wind Energy Solutions

            At Steel Grape, we check our whole range of products on strict quality measures and ensure that every product should be defect free before and at the time of installation. Our customers appreciate us, for our quality range of products and installation services. We try to introduce the sophisticated range of products every time as their appreciation fills more responsibility in us. Apart from that, our client-centric approach, prompt delivery and easy payment modes, has garnered a large customer base for us. With online/sms notification of the status your energy management devices, you can also enable/disable the system with just one touch on your smart phone, no matter where you are. Be in control.

Upper Hand:

  • Bring in energy efficiency, eliminate excess payments towards electric bills, reduce cost
  • Manage consumption & save up to 25% to 100%  in electricity bills
  • Identify causes for increased energy consumption and eliminate them
  • Improve life of equipment and safety levels
  • Build systems to move towards Energy management standard
  • Contribute to conservation of environment
  • Investment required is a fraction of the savings achieved
  • Excess electricity can be sold to Power Suppliers.

            Experience the future coded on your grid.


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