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Visitors Management Solutions

    Cardinal feature of any facility is its effective monitoring and tracking of whoever goes inside as well as outside from inside. The technology has advanced so far that the automated visitor management system monitors the visitor traffic, safeguards the zone, restricts unauthorized entry, notifies the security personnel and more with fully computerized and robust features. The system acts as a third eye to handle all visitor contingencies.

             Steel Grape renders a fully computerized, robust, feature rich and intelligent Visitor Management System with database support for micro and macro enterprises for visitor processing, streamlined communications and enhanced security. Centralized data repository identifies and notifies breach in security, provides statistical reports for effective security deployment, and dashboards for top management with visitor statistics. Our engineers are qualified and skilled to provide you a customized solution to meet organizational requirements, policies and avoid vulnerabilities.

Upper Hand.

  • Reduce security threats.
  • Screen against unwanted visitors.
  • Avoid overlooked vulnerabilities.
  • Strengthens security
  • Filtering the visitors
  • Real-time access to current visitor lists
  • Less TCO(Total Cost of Ownership).
  • Online alerts.
  • Embedded with Access Control Solutions
  • Remote Enable/disable.
  • Ergonomic

            With the advance in technology, it is possible today to establish a visitor management system as a committee of different access control systems. This has given a new dimension to managing visitors. The new ever vigilant system gives you remote access to your visitor details. Yes! You are in charge.

Features .

  • Entry and exit event record
  • E- visitor book
  • Multi-Technology Readers with Bio-Metric Identification
  • Proximity Reader and wrist bands.
  • ID Badge maker
  • Smart Weapon Detector.
  • Smart Access Gates.

             Steel Grape promises the safety and security of your employees and facility. Join us to track and register all visitors within an organized online platform to adhere to visitor management processes and policy requirements Eliminate messy paper visitor logs and accurately capture visitor information in seconds. Identify, track and manage all visitors in your building to ensure that visitors are safe and secure. All visitor information is accessible in real-time and can be exported and printed in case of emergency or evacuation.
Experience future coded inside your facilities.

Other Visitor Control Systems

  • Smart Boom Barrier.
  • Smart Gates.
  • Smart Doors.
  • Smart Bollards .
  • Smart Road Blockers.
  • Smart Metal Detector.
  • Lift Access Controller.

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