WiFi Solutions

WiFi Hotspot Solutions

  Any business or industry needs efficient, high speed and low cost and latest network technology for boosted growth. Better networking solutions mean better business. Our WIFI Hotspot solutions give you more secure collaboration from mobile devices, desktops, or meeting rooms. Stay connected with the world 24x7 without compromising on quality and speed

For any person or institution, accurate and fast information is the key part of motivation. In general most successful people or businesses are those with best information. To share information and communicate in the blink of an eye, and to meet the increasing demand for high-speed broadband and internet access, Steel Grape offers WiFi integrated modules which supports configurations that can be stand alone, mobile or fixed broadbrand. Wireless carriers and other service providers are presented with the choice of products and solutions from Steel Grape that can be customized to suit their business models.

Upper Hand

  • Improved data transfer speed.
  • Highly secure network.
  • Increased business confidence.
  • Effective transactions
  • Less provisioning, operating and maintenance cost.


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